Story of the "Jeff Kendall" board

My wife gave this board as a gift to me yesterday. It means a lot to me because it symbolizes the journey I have been on with skateboarding since I was 8 years old. At age 10 I met this cool dude in Sweden @deamannen with smooth style cruising down the street with exactly this Santa Cruz Jeff Kendall board.
I thought the graphic and shape was the coolest in the world. 27 years later we still occasionally skate together. In 2004 I traveled to Santa Cruz to shoot Jeff Kendall for the book Faces of Skateboarding. I met him at the Santa Cruz warehouse and took his portrait in front of exactly this board hanging on the wall. I know God put skateboarding in my life. Through skateboarding God has opened so many doors and brought me around the world. Now it will be hanging on my wall as a reminder of all the dreams God put in my life as a child and I now seen come true.